Our technical focus

Mechanical engineering, mechanical systems and physics

One of the key regions for filing a patent in the field of mechanical engineering is Germany. We have many years of experience, especially in the fields of general engineering, automotive engineering, control technology , thermodynamics, mechanical systems and transmission technology.

Chemistry, biotechnology and polymer chemistry

In the field of chemistry, we specialize in inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and bioorganic biochemistry. We also have particularexpertise when it comes to pesticides and in the field of brewery technology.

Electronics and information technology

During their training, some of our attorneys focused specifically on the field of semiconductor technology, as well as electrical engineering. We are able to make use of a wide variety of patent applications worldwide from our previous experience as patent attorneys. In the field of electrical engineering a special focus of our expertise is on-board control electronics, which is used, among other things, in vehicles, as well as information technology.